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To: PowerSchool Software Users

Subject:  SNUG (Schools National Users' Group) Membership

On behalf of our SNUG K-12 National User Group, I want to welcome you to the PowerSchool product family! We are glad to have you join us as users of the robust products offered by PowerSchool. SNUG K-12 originated in 1985 to promote the sharing of information among school districts using PowerSchool software, enabling us to achieve optimum use of these flexible software products. Over thirty-seven years later, this reason is still why the user group exists and is successful. Some of the efforts of SNUG K-12 include the following:

·         The National Conference sponsored by SNUG K-12 and offered in partnership with PowerSchool staff. The conference consists of information sessions and demonstrations which promote ideas and best practices from users in collaboration with PowerSchool staff.

·         The SNUG K-12 website where members can access User Group information, conference presentations, and more at

·         The K12Users Slack channel, where members and their co-workers can actively and collaboratively share ideas about how other organizations best use the Finance and Student system products.

I would encourage you to join SNUG K-12, the official PowerSchool National User Group. For only $250 annually, an unlimited number of employees from your organization can collaborate with other members to optimally use these powerful products for the benefit of our schools. Chris Hampton from the SNUG board would be happy to talk with you about joining SNUG. You can contact her at

I’d also like to strongly encourage you to attend the 2024 National User Conference. Attending the National Conference is an energizing, enriching experience where you will find:

·         3 days of learning from PowerSchool executives, PowerSchool Support staff, and other PowerSchool Users who can provide innovative and efficient solutions to the challenges you are facing at your district.

·         Over 100 educational sessions

·         Over 20 PowerSchool trainers, product developers, and executives

·         Three breakfasts, two lunches, and two evening networking receptions

·         Multiple user-led training sessions where you can learn from experienced users

If you have any questions about your PowerSchool K-12 product, or need any advice about how to get assistance, please contact me at, or contact any of the SNUG K-12 Board members listed on our website. We will do our best to help!


Zachary Birge
President SNUG K-12 National Users Group
Data Engineer
Highline Public Schools

PO Box 110869

Anchorage, AK 99511-0869

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