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San Francisco Dining Experience

15 Sep 2010 7:34 PM | Deleted user

Hey All,

As you know, edibles are provided at the conference, but I was hoping to start a quick thread on dining experiences in San Francisco. Where to go, not to go...

Pam Viar and I tested out the 'Stinking Rose' last night and it was great, but only if you LOVE garlic!  Everything was soaked, steeped, stewed or roasted in garlic, garlic and more garlic.  And if you didn't get enough garlic in your food, they provided garlic salsa right there on the table.  I did not know that raw garlic was actually HOT, but it was goooooooood...

And for you movie lover's, on the menu was Silence of the Lamb Shank complete with a chianti and some fava beans!  I couldn't order that one... gave me too many visions of Anthony Hopkins own dining experiences :(  Yikes!!

It was a great atmosphere and good company. 

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